Grabers Well Drilling - Graber's Wll Drilling, Shipshewanna, IN

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If you have ANY work done, or a water well put in, any business dealings, be Sure-you keep the receipt in a safe place where you will not possibly throw it away!

I have been burned by this company, twice, and both times, it's my word against theirs-their business idea is... no receipt, then you owe us.

They are impossible to get ahold of in the office- billing, and if you stop in to talk, the owner has gotten to where he doesn't remember what he said, or what was shook on.

They have a great work ethic, but if you lose that receipt, and you will...

we had work done on a pump, and paid, got the receipt home, three months later, cleaning out files, here comes another bill, full amount.

No matter what I tell them, it's oh, you owe us.Well I don't have the receipt.

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